Esplores Company

Founded in 2018, Esplores is an Italian Startup born from more than 10 years of work in the Big Data field by Angelo Khatib.

Making use of previous knowledge, the product applies Big Data ideas to ordinary Data Exploration, Data Discovery, Data Masking, and Text Processing.

Esplores Team

Our team is composed of very motivated people with wide experience and high commitment.

Angelo is an experienced Business Intelligence Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Business Process, Enterprise Software, Sales, and Partner Management. He Wrote and developed different tools & solutions in the Business Intelligence and Big data fields.

Angelo is a Python & Spark addicted programmer. Angelo has been practicing Shotokan karate for many years. He loves long walkings to the mountains with family and friends. During the years, he devoted himself to artificial intelligence and functional programming.

Angelo Khatib


Marco is a technical consultant addicted to new technologies. He has been a PHP developer, a technical trainer and a security consultant for 15 years.

Now he likes to reserch innovative solutions with AI using Python.

Marco likes sports, but also reading books and playing with home automation.

In 2024 he added a personal stake in Esplores.

Marco Abiuso

Lidia is IBIC technical director, following major Business Intelligence projects and coordinating the maintenance, training and development activities of her professional team.

In 2018 she added a personal stake in Esplores.

Lidia Berto

Partner & Board Member

After significant experiences as IT Manager and Branch Manager for IT companies, Umberto decided to grow up his own company specializing on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence consultancy, trying to give Business Answers to medium and large companies data analysis needs.

In 2018 he added a personal stake in Esplores.

Umberto Ligorio

Partner & Board Member

Esplores is hiring! You may see our careers page

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